Benefits Of Using Bing Ads For Local Search Marketing

Whenever anyone talks about Search Engine Optimization or Search Marketing, the first word that comes to our mind is – Google. And this is quite natural as well considering the huge market share conquered by Google when it comes to Search Marketing. But most are unaware about the power of another Search Engine – Bing, and the highly positive impacts and results that Bing can provide to your business as far as local search marketing is concerned. So here are listed below some benefits of using Bing Ads for local search marketing. Read On…

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  • Less Competition And Cheaper CPC’s:

The small and medium-sized businesses should utilize the benefits of Bing Ads to the maximum. This is because as advertisers, the small and medium-sized businesses will have less competition, better ad positions and also cheaper Costs Per Click (CPC) on Bing. According to the stats, the average cost per click on Bing is about 34% cheaper when compared to that of Google. Apart from this the ads are also placed in better positions on Bing and also have higher Click Through Rate (CTR).

  • More Granular Control:

The other main benefit of using Bing Ads for the local search marketing of your business is that the Bing Ads will provide you with more enhanced control not only at the campaign but also at the ad group levels. The use of Bing will also enable you to assign different time zones for different campaigns. This simplifies the complicated ad scheduling strategies and also eases their management. Bing Ads allow you to adjust any setting for any ad group as per your requirements, and hence eliminates the need of creating a brand new campaign to make the change. You can also take the help of any of the popular local search marketing services available for assistance.

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  • Better Device Targeting Options:

One great advantage or benefit that you as a Bing advertiser will avail if you opt for Bing Ads for the local search marketing of your business is that you can separate desktop and tablet traffic from your campaigns. You can also take your marketing campaign to the next level by specifically targeting mobile devices and operating systems. The mobile targeting options in Bing are highly robust and hence you can even adjust your bid for tablet users from -20% to +300%.

  • More Transparency:

There is far more transparency on Bing as compared to Google when it comes to ads and local search marketing campaigns. Bing even allows you the flexibility of targeting the other search engines as well, especially Yahoo and other search partners at the ad group level. You can also run a quick report in Bing in order to check the amount of traffic being directed to your site by your search partners. Additionally, you as a Bing advertiser can also eliminate any particular search partner without having to eliminate all the other partner site